What To Take (or Make) for Thanksgiving Dinner

turkey 2If you’re anything like me, each Thanksgiving you flip through magazines and scroll through Pinterest to try to figure out what to make/take for Thanksgiving. I like to contribute something that will be unique, delicious and ultimately a crowd-pleaser. We go to my in-laws house and (luckily for me) they enjoy making the turkey and many of the classic components that go along with it. (I have yet to ever host/cook a Thanksgiving dinner and I am a-ok with that!) So, I tend to take an appetizer and/or side dish, since dessert just isn’t my thing. We are trying to do away with appetizers this year since in years past everyone has filled up before the main meal, so I’ve been hunting for the perfect side dish to make along with this cocktail.

I still have yet to decide exactly what I’ll be bringing, but here are some of the highlights from my extensive “research.”

What are you cooking up for Thanksgiving?

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