What I’m Lovin’…


  • The Be Good Tanya’s. I can’t stop listening to their album “Hello Love.” They are a Canadian folk group- kind of blues, bluegrass, maybe even a little country which is not really my taste at all. They rock though- check out the song “What Are They Doing in Heaven Today.”
  • Pretty much any book by Liane Moriarty. She’s an Australian author and I cannot get enough of her. A friend turned me on to her via the book What Alice Forgot. (great book) From there, I’ve read 4 of her others back to back. She’s funny, poignant, and each of her books leaves me thinking about how I would handle a particular situation. My favorite thus far is The Husband’s Secret
  • Veronica Mars. I know, I know…I’m sooo many years behind on this. For some reason I thought it was a kids show (not sure why I thought that) It popped up on Amazon Prime and after the Kickstarter hype about the movie, I was curious and started watching. Next thing I know, I’ve blown through 3 seasons, the movie, and even the book. Best show and main character ever. Dark, twisted, witty- Kristen Bell is simply awesome in this role. Love her.
  • This article from Real Simple on successful women crying at work.
  • Gold and Lucite desk accessories. Thank you Kate Spade. Can someone please tell my husband that it is not insane to spend this much money on such a pretty stapler? And then there is a tape dispenser…

What are you lovin’?

Jules xo




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