Sunday Night Reflections

Finally, finally, finally the house is put back together. After renovations to our master bathroom, getting new carpet upstairs and getting all the walls painted, we had a lot of work to do to get the house put back together (i.e. hanging up everything) and getting it all cleaned-up. We are exhausted and I’m pretty sure my husband never wants to look at a screw driver again, but man- it’s like living in a new house! Fresh paint really does wonders at changing the look and feel of your space.

 Highlights from my week…

Love how long gourds last…I’ve had my fall centerpiece out for 6 weeks and it still looks as good now as it did the day I put it together. Welcome change from the fresh flowers I usually have that only last a week or so.

Oktoberfest may be over, but our local German restaurant is still festive with an Oompah band and a celebratory atmosphere. We treated ourselves to some authentic jaeger schnitzel and beer and enjoyed the live music.

I’m so glad its pear season! We are eating them frequently…on flatbread with blue cheese, in salads, in oatmeal, and tonight I made an apple & pear strudel. (so good)

apple tart





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