Weekly Highlights- Chicago

ChicagoHad a great trip to Chicago last week and finally got to experience some cooler weather! (Florida is seriously not cooperating in that department this fall) I love the windy city- there are so many fun places to go and cool things to see- museums, bars, restaurants, shopping. It is also home to some of our most fun friends, so every trip out there is full of lots of laughter and good times.

The weather was rainy and overcast, but it didn’t seem to faze us one bit. My girlfriend was nine months pregnant (literally had the baby the week we got back), so instead of hitting the nightlife, we enjoyed fun brunches, watching football, shopping, and going to see Gone Girl (great flick by the way- if you read the book, you’ll be pleasantly surprised) If you’ve never been to Chicago, I highly recommend making the trip, you won’t be disappointed.

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