Weekend Reading Recommendations- October

Weekend Reading- my book recommendations for October.


She’s Not There: A NovelCaroline’s daughter was kidnapped while on vacation in Mexico. Fifteen years later, still no trace of Samantha and the crime has yet to be solved. Until that phone call…  This book is a parent’s worst nightmare and you can’t help but constantly put yourself in Caroline’s shoes as you learn exactly what happened the night Samantha went missing. It kept me guessing me pretty  much the entire time.

The Couple Next DoorI love a good dark and twisted suspense novel, and this one is no exception. Coincidentally, this book also starts with a missing child. As the story unfolds, the Conti’s realize they don’t really know their neighbors – or each other- after all.

FrictionI’ve read some of Samantha Browns’s other novels and really like her style of writing. Crawford Hunt, a Texas Ranger, is trying to get custody of his young daughter back from his in-laws. In the middle of the courtroom, when the judge is about to make her decision, a gunman enters and begins to open fire.  How Crawford reacts and what he does next set into motion a chain of events that could cost him everything.

Hmm…maybe I need some lighter choices next month? Ha. What about you all- what have you read recently that you would recommend?


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