Weekend Reading Recommendations- December

Weekend Reading Recommendations- wow, where do I even start with my book recommendations for December? 

Here’s the deal, all three of these were great books. I actually tore right through all of them which was a nice change since everything I read in November was kind of slow and just “eh” (hence the lack of a book review last month) But I need to warn you that two of these were on the dark side.

I read a lot of murder mysteries/suspense/thrillers, but after back to back crazy plots, even I needed something a little lighter. I wanted to include them in this post because they were such page turners, but fair warning that they are twisted and a little disturbing and if that isn’t your thing, move along down to book #3. 🙂

The Kind Worth Killing: A Novel This was one of those books that was good the second you started reading it. I had been hearing a bit of hype about it and could see why as I was instantly intrigued. I read the entire thing (well listened since I’m an audio-book gal) in one day. I kid you not I was walking around the house one Saturday with ear-buds in while looking for things to clean, sort, organize, fold, anything- so I could keep listening. I get so annoyed by everyone claiming that “so and so” book is the next Gone Girl, but this one definitely had some common themes. *shudder*

Behind Closed Doors Next up was this haunting book by B.A. Paris. It too turned out to be psychotically creepy yet completely and utterly fascinating right from the get go. It had also been popping up on my radar as a great read and to be honest, I hadn’t really taken the time to even research what it was about. All I knew was that it was about a couple with secrets who lived in the English countryside. HA. Something like that. It was really good, I zipped through it in a day and a half and kept thinking about it even after I’d finished it. I had some issues with a few aspects of the plot, but I don’t want to spoil the storyline. Shoot me a note if you end up reading it…would love to hear your thoughts.

The Rosie Effect: A Novel Like I mentioned earlier, after those two gems, I decided I needed something totally different. Something, oh I don’t know, about people who love each other and don’t want to kill one another- a story that would make me smile or laugh or at the very least, allow me to fall asleep without the lights on. Last year I read The Rosie Project: A Novel (review here) and absolutely loved it. Don Tillman, an Australian genetics professor, was quirky, comical, brilliant, and totally enthralling. I’d started the sequel to the book but never finished it and had been meaning to get back to it for quite some time. It was exactly what I needed and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Now that his “wife-project” is complete, Don and Rosie have moved to the United States and are living in Brooklyn. With a baby on the way, things become a little complicated…

All three of these books are definitely worth the read, so if you are looking for your next book, give them a try. I always love to hear what you think and/or recommend!




  1. I didn’t like Rosie Effect as much as the original, but it was still funny. I’ve read a couple you have suggested and my favorite was The Knockoff, loved it!

    1. Agreed, I liked the Rosie Project better as well, but still really enjoyed this one. I needed something light after those other 2!

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