9 TV Shows Worth Watching

TV Shows Worth Watching

Like book selections, I’m always asking friends and family what they’re watching on TV and enjoying. It’s important that I note that the below 9 shows are not necessarily new shows- they are simply shows that I have binge watched and would recommend. That’s the beauty of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu- you can easily get caught up on shows and seasons that are no longer current.

Here are some of my favorites…all totally worth watching.

9 TV Shows Worth Watching

Mr. Robot (USA)- this show- about a secret society of hackers- just wrapped up its first season to rave reviews. It’s like nothing else on television right now, that is for sure. Intense, dark, suspenseful- even the music incorporated into each week’s episode was awesome. This was one of the best shows I’ve watching in a long time. The first couple of episodes lay the foundation and require careful attention, then half way through your jaw will be on the floor.

Catastrophe (Amazon Prime)- a short series, (6 episodes) Catastrophe is a comedy about an America man and an Irish women who meet in London on a business trip. After a week-long affair, Sharon realizes she’s pregnant. It’s funny- really funny…my husband and I watching the whole thing in a weekend and cracked up through the entire series.

Broadchurch (ITV- catch it on Netflix)- I have a weakness for British TV dramas. Maybe partially due to the 3 years I lived in England, or maybe just because I think they have some of the best actors and writers out there. Broadchurch is a mystery/thriller set in a small seaside town that follows 2 detectives trying to determine who killed a young local boy. Filmed in Dorset, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the story is captivating as well. Every single actor in the show puts on a fantastic performance.

Odd Mom Out (Bravo)- Another great comedy, Odd Mom Out is about an upper east side family and their daughter-in-law who is struggling to fit into the filthy rich lifestyle. Jill, the main character, is so likeable and funny and watching her try to navigate through the high-society “momzillas” is a riot. Moms would especially enjoy this show.

House of Cards (Netflix)- What can I say? Phenomenal writing and storylines. Kevin Spacey stars as Frank Underwood, the most crooked yet likable politician of all time. It took me a long time to finally get around to watching this series, but I got hooked fast. It definitely exposes you to a manipulative and conniving side of politics and our nation’s capital.

Suits (USA)- Rarely do you find an ensemble cast who have such great chemistry. Suits is about a top notch law firm in New York and the hot attorneys who work there. The back and forth banter between Harvey and Mike hooked me in the first episode, and overall, the writing is superb.

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)- I think this is one of those shows that you either love or hate, but many must love it as it’s Netflix’s most watched series. Based on a true story, Piper Chapman, an upper-middle class woman from Connecticut, ends up in prison thanks to a drug-smuggle she made for her ex-girlfriend almost a decade before. She is sentenced to a low security prison for a year and forced to figure out how to “fit in.” It’s a sometimes funny, other times sad, and certainly eye-opening story about life in a women’s prison.

Graceland (USA)- I didn’t realize how many shows I watched on USA until writing this 🙂 Graceland is loosely based on a real-life beachfront house in southern California that houses undercover FBI, ICE, and DEA agents. Full of action and drama, Graceland offers a glimpse of what life might be like living undercover 24/7.

Sons of Anarchy (FX- catch it on Netflix)- We actually started watching SOA after the show went off the air. It was one of those series that I’d been hearing great things about for years and knew that it had won several awards, but a show about a biker gang just didn’t appeal to me. I was wrong. During a particular TV slump, we decided to give it a try and embarrassingly, managed to watch the entire first season in 3 days. (don’t judge) We were absolutely hooked. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever be telling everyone I knew that they had to watch this show. The writing is utterly fantastic and series creator Kurt Sutter manages to intertwine so many twists and turns in the plot that you can’t help but want to watch just “one more” episode. I highly recommend watching!

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