Treat Yourself – Miracle Revival Mud

Treat yourself- Miracle Revival Mud.

Like many women, I love getting professional facials. But facials can be pricey, so in between appointments I like to use masks at home to help perk up my complexion. A few months ago, after a week of sightseeing around Paris and 4 long flights, my skin was looking very BLAH. It was dull, dry, and needed a good deep cleansing. Enter, Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Revival Mud.

I had a sample of this stuff and figured I’d try it out.

Miracle Revival Mud is a clay-based mask that helps to unclog pores, absorb oil, and help with pigmentation. I have to tell you- I was very impressed with the results. After just a few minutes of sitting on my skin, it really helped to remove redness and made my skin feel smooth.

Most impressive? It left my skin perfectly moisturized, not at all dry and tight. (something that often occurs after a mud mask) I didn’t even have to follow-up with a moisturizer, my skin felt…well, perfect.

I immediately went online and bought the full-sized jar for $38.00. I’ll get plenty of uses out of it and it’s one of the few masks I’ve tried recently that actually showed immediate results. It can be used up to twice a week…if you’re looking for a good at home mask, give this one a try.

treat  yourself - miracle revival mud

treat yourself - miracle revival mudDSC02932

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