The Little Things- Volume 35

Happy Saturday! We have finally recovered from our jet-lag, unpacked our suitcases and done all of the laundry. As much as I love traveling, it always feels good to be home.

It was a long week at work getting caught up on everything, so we’re having a lazy and relaxing weekend. Even though it is 1,000 degrees outside and super humid, I’m making this sweet potato and turkey chili to counteract all of the pizza and pasta we’ve eaten over the past couple of weeks. 🙂 It’s easy, clean, delicious and you can eat it for several days since it makes a nice big pot. I’ll be working on Amalfi Coast travel guides and posting photos from our trip soon. Have a great weekend!

(if you’re new to The Little Things and want to know more about it, read here) Here were a few of my favorite things these past few weeks…

Packing for Italy…this shirt perfectly sums it up!
Summer done right
Working on a new DIY blog post
Prettiest color on these garden roses
2 of my favorite things- champagne and mussels



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