The Little Things

It has been a hot minute since I’ve written The Little Things! While it always seems a little sad when the holiday season is over and the decorations are put away, it is also nice to get your life and house back in order.

Just when I was feeling the house looked dull and drab after putting away all of the Christmas decorations, my local grocery store had beautiful bouquets on sale (50% off!)

I always seem to struggle to keep up with my blogging the last couple of months of the year because there is just always so much going on. We went to southern California for Christmas to see my family and it was so nice to spend time with everyone. It was hectic, busy, and full of long, late nights but we had a really fun time.

Ginger, my parents cat, who doesn’t care at all that I’m allergic to her

Thankfully we stayed pretty active over the holiday break, but I still feel like I ate entirely too much cheese and consumed far too much wine. It feels good to be focusing on eating clean, healthy meals and cutting back on the sugar and vino. (just a little on the vino) 😉

Even though we’ve only been back to work for a couple of weeks, this long weekend feels like such a welcome break. Agreed? I’ve managed to find the perfect balance between being social and productive. I’ve been able to catch up with some girlfriends, had a nice dinner out with my husband, and got caught up on laundry and things around the house. Speaking of getting caught up, we’d neglected our DVR for what seemed like weeks and I was THRILLED to see that Sherlock had returned to Masterpiece Theater. I remember being so bummed in 2015 when we watched all of the episodes and read that the new season wouldn’t air until 2017. 2017!?! That was so far away! If you haven’t watched this BBC show, you should. It is Benedict Cumberbatch at his finest and Martin Freeman is a fave of ours too. It’s a modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes and it’s done so well- clever, addictive, we love it. Each episode is 90 minutes and there are only 3 episodes per season, so there isn’t a huge time commitment involved. We’re once again all caught up and I’ve been furiously Googling to see when the next season will come out. (I wish I had more will power with stretching these things out but I can’t- the binge got me) 🙁

Barefoot Contessa
New favorite cookbook- Cooking for Jeffrey by Ina Garten

In a world full of online recipes, it seems almost antiquated to pull out an actual cookbook, but there is something about flipping through the glossy pages and scanning the pictures to find something to make for dinner. My mother-in-law recently turned me on to Ina Garten’s new cookbook Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. I’ve long been a Barefoot Contessa fan, and this cookbook does not disappoint. Its full of the classic, simple, delicious recipes that she’s known so well for. I’ve slowly been working my way through it and like it so much that I’ve even bought a few copies for friends and family.

Tonight I’m making the Cider-Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Plum Chutney. The pork has been marinating overnight in hard apple cider and I think it’s going to pair perfectly with roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Happy belated New Year to you all!

(if you’re new to The Little Things and want to know more about it, read here) Here were a few of my favorite things these past few weeks…

Spending lots of time with my niece and nephew
They’re at such a fun age for Christmas
Massive lemons at my parents house
Flying out of rainy, gloomy San Diego. Good news, the drought is over
Spent the day in Temecula, So Cal’s wine country
We scored 1st class upgrades…perfect ending to a great vacation 🙂
Warm nuts and bubbles…little pleasures 😉
Came home to this. Pretty rare for north Florida!

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