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There are officially 5 more weeks of summer my friends.

Pineapple and cilantro beer- perfect for a hot summer day
Pineapple and cilantro beer- perfect for a hot summer day

Let that serve as a reminder to squeeze in anything left on your summer to-do list. (mine was filled with small house projects, lots of beach time and reading the pile of books by my bed) 🙂

When I was pulling together my blog anniversary post, I was reminded of how much fun it is to look back and review all of the old Little Things posts. Blogging is, at the very least, a great way to document your life. 🙂 I need to get back to these regular updates!

Have a great weekend xo

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Cool Cabana
Getting good use out of our CoolCabana. (
summer peach sangria
Summer peach sangria from
Moms photos from neat to see the gorillas
Moms photos from Rwanda…so neat to see the gorillas
pixie market earrings gold bars
Ordered these cute earrings from Pixie Market after creating the outfit from the pineapple and pom-poms post.
pixie market gold bar earrings
Love them. Perfect size and they go with everything.
Who knew this existed?? I love elderflower and I love Pimms, so I’m sure it’ll be a match made in heaven once I figure out how to use it… (
Pimms Cup
Making a pitcher of Pimm’s Cup to go!

Recipe for Pimm’s Cup here.


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