The Little Things- Volume 26

The Little Things

Happy Easter!easter bunnies

I realize not everyone celebrates this holiday, but who doesn’t love photos of cute baby animals?

baby bunny

baby chicks

You’re welcome. 🙂 Speaking of chicks, have you ever seen on Pinterest all the clever things people do with Peeps?

peeps sushi


peeps 1
peeps 4
peeps 3
Along with some time with the in-laws, we also made it to the movies this weekend. Kind of a funny story, we were trying to see Allegiant using free passes, but it was sold out for the next few showings. And so was pretty much everything else, with the exception of Zootopia. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of animated movies, but my husband and the theater ticket agent talked me into going to see it. Since we were already there and it was pouring rain outside, I figured why not?

It was actually a hilarious movie. We both thoroughly enjoyed it even though we were the only adults in the theater without children. To be honest, most of it was adult humor so I don’t know that the kids even got half the jokes…definitely a cute movie.

I just started reading this book and I’m really liking it…any of you read it yet?
the nightengale

Have a nice Easter, whatever you’re up to.

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Ridiculously good…I’ll never buy them again

The Little Things
Cast-iron skillet Shepard’s pie for St. Patrick’s day
The Little Things
Enjoying the gorgeous weatherimage
Lunch at our favorite spot on the water- Palm Valley Fish Campimage
Spring has sprung!image



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