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Happy Friday darlings….I think it has rained for 6 straight days here in sunny Florida. While my plants have never looked better, its beginning to put me into a state of BLAH. I don’t know how those Seattle folks deal.

Last Saturday we headed to the market with some friends and after browsing around for a bit, made it to a local brewery just in time for a torrential downpour. And…it just didn’t stop. We were on foot, so kind of trapped, so we decided we were destined to just stay put for several hours drinking beer, watching football and playing board games. It was actually quite fun 😉 I can’t remember the last time I played Connect Four.

It’s still raining, so the idea of crawling into bed and watching Law and Order: SVU reruns is incredibly appealing right now. (my 25 year old self is cringing)

For you Girl with a Dragon Tattoo fans, there’s a new book out- The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It’s a continuation of the trilogy, this time written by David Lagercrantz. Can’t wait to see what Lisbeth’s been up to…


Have a great weekend xo

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Connect 4 #beer #games# #savoringsaturdays

#games #scrabble #rainyday #savoringsaturdays

#savoringsaturdays #rainyday #games

Puppies in a wagon? Yes please
I could eat them up
I'd say this is a frequent struggle...
I’d say this is a frequent struggle…


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