THE BEST Cranberry Prosecco Punch

THE BEST Cranberry Prosecco Punch

One of the best parts of the cooler weather and the holiday season is having an excuse to make my absolute favorite bubbly cocktail- Cranberry Prosecco Punch.

the best spiced cranberry prosecco punch Let me assure you that I don’t really need an excuse, nor a holiday to drink it, but it just feels and looks so damn festive that it’s perfect for a holiday party. (or a random Sunday afternoon at mi casa)

My inspiration for the punch came from this article, but I’ve altered ever so slightly. Either version is fabulous and I especially love how Heather served hers with cute flags and frozen strips of cranberry ice cubes (I love that anyone actually owns those ice trays…but hey, her recipe was featured in In Style magazine, so do you girlfriend)

Instead of bringing a side of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, bring your hostess a batch of these instead. They are so pretty and delicious that they are sure to be a hit!


Spiced Cranberry Prosecco Punch (makes 10-12 servings)

  • 2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries (if you buy fresh, freeze them- they’ll help keep the punch cold when serving)
    3 cinnamon sticks
    Zest of 1 orange
    2 cups cranberry juice
    1 cup good quality orange juice
  • 1 cup blood orange juice
    1 bottle Prosecco
    1 orange or blood orange, sliced

Fill a large pitcher with the cinnamon sticks, orange zest, sliced fruit, and juices. If possible, let sit for a few hours or overnight in the fridge. (you don’t have to do this, but the cinnamon sticks/juices blend together nicely when sitting together for awhile) Before serving, pour in your chilled Prosecco and pour in 1.5 cups of the frozen cranberries. (these are for looks only- as you can imagine, they are incredibly bitter if you try to eat them) Keep the remaining 1/2 cup of cranberries to pop in your guests glasses for garnish.


  1. Made this for a party I hosted and it was a HUGE hit (even among those not usually in the ‘punch’ crowd) and also shared with a friend who used it at an ornament exchange and she also said it was a huge hit and just asked me for the recipe again! Thanks so much for sharing! This is my go-to punch – especially around the holidays!

    1. So glad you liked it Shannon! I have had the same luck with it- its pretty and delicious. The ginger/pear one is equally as delicious. Thanks for the note! xo

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