Sunday Night Reflections…

It had been a CRAZY week at work, so I was beyond thrilled to have zero plans this weekend. For some reason, that just doesn’t seem to happen enough anymore. It dawned on me, not for the first time, that sometimes just going with the flow and not scheduling every last minute of my weekend is the best way to relax.

*Side note, my Bestowed box arrived on Friday and I guess the curators over there knew I was stressed out as these were included in the box. I wonder if they’ll work, I mean, “award-winning?” That’s a pretty hefty claim. If so, I’m buying them in bulk. I’ll report back later on this…



I laughed about as hard as I have in a long time on Friday night with my husband and brothers-in-law over tacos & tequila- I swear those impromptu nights are always the best.


Saturday we woke up to rain and it didn’t stop all day long. I loved it- rainy days give you an excuse to be lazy- we just curled up on the couch and caught up on the DVR. (another thing that doesn’t happen enough) I find lazy, rainy days to be so therapeutic.


We cooked a bunch of fresh veggies and grilled chicken sausage and opened one of our favorite wines in the world- Bogle Phantom. (my brother turned us on to it last Christmas and now we buy it every time we see it somewhere) It is amazing wine- it’s one of those that makes you stop what you’re doing and close your eyes for a second. Yes, I’m dramatic, but it is excellent vino. In case you’re curious- it’s Californian and a blend of cab, petite sirah, zin and mourvedre and retails for $20. We drank it all before I could get a pic 🙁

That, football, and some Netflix made for quite an enjoyable Saturday in my book…



DSC00230 (2)Luckily Sunday treated us with blue sky and sunshine. It was nice to take in the last bit of summer. (by my not-at-all scientific calculations, we only have 2-3 more weekends of true beach/pool weather, so I figured I may as well make the most of it) That’s me on a serious mission to get my pile of magazines down to a reasonable size…tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

pool 2

On the down side;

1) I learned a valuable lesson to NEVER delete photos from WordPress AND from your computer that are attached to blog posts…once they are gone from the file, they are also gone from all of your posts. This, folks, was a lesson that cost me several hours of re-work.

2) Someone stole most of the fully grown limes from my lime tree. I am not happy about this and am now suspicious of all my neighbors. I hope they are being enjoyed in someone’s gin & tonic wherever they are…

3) We discovered that although the scaffolding is gone from our house and we can access our back patio, fire ants (or carpenter ants- we’re not sure) have taken up shop out back. They are everywhere…by the time we realized it we were itching and twitching like crazy. *sigh*

With that, I’m going to go make one of my calm waters… 😉












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  1. I feel like I hung out with you this weekend! LOL
    … & yes, with your life the way it is right now. No plans on the weekends and just CHILLIN’ is what you should be doing.

    xo- M

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