Summer Reading

I am long overdue on my book recommendations, but I’m happy to report that I am back with 3 great books (all psychological thrillers) for your summer reading!

The Girl Before: A Novel, JP Delaney What material things do you really need to live a full, happy life? If you had to make a list of things you absolutely had to have, would you be able to? The center of this book is a futuristic, minimalist house that promises to change its occupant’s mindset and way of living so long as they follow some strict rules. The story is told through two women- Emma and Jane and follows their time living at 1 Folgate Street and their complicated relationships with the home’s mysterious owner. There are plenty of plot twists and turns throughout the story to keep you guessing and I found the entire concept of the house to be intriguing.

The Sleeper by Emily Barr This was one of those books that starts out a certain way and you think you know where its going to go and then bam, it veers in a completely different direction. Lara is living a quiet life in Cornwall with her husband but is aching for her more exciting life back in London. She decides to apply for a job back in the city and take the commuter train back and forth on weekends. Right away she meets friends on the train and becomes enthralled with her “new” life. Then one night things go completely awry and we learn that someone is dead and Lara has some major secrets. I absolutely loved this book…the plot was really well paced and kept me on my toes. As is often the case, I was walking around my house trying to find things to do so I could keep listening to the audiobook. 🙂 (which resulted in me organizing both of my guest room closets- win!)

The Secrets You Keep, Kate White I have a hot / cold relationship with this author. She wrote a book series that I used to adore (the Bailey Weggins Series), and when she ended it and began writing standalone novels, I’ve found them to be hit or miss. For some reason I’ve continued to read her books, (why do we do that? Is it just me?) and this one was actually pretty good. Bryn is recovering from a car accident and having nightmares about the night the accident occurred. She and her husband host a dinner party one evening and she has an awkward encounter with the female caterer who winds up dead shortly thereafter. While the police try to figure out what happened to her, Bryn realizes her husband may not be who she thinks he is. On top of that, someone is messing with her head about the events leading up to the accident and she finds herself not knowing who she can trust. It was suspenseful, entertaining and I really enjoyed listening to it during a couple of days at the beach.


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