What I’ve Been Reading

What I’ve Been Reading

So, the reason I haven’t written a book recommendations post in several weeks is because I read a few books back to back that I really didn’t love. Don’t you hate when that happens? Book / reading slumps are a real thing. What I've Been Reading

I always struggle with whether this should be a book review type of post where I write about my thoughts on a book (whether I liked it or not), or if I should stick with only talking about those that I enjoyed and recommend. If you have any thoughts on the matter, let me know in the comments.

I will usually give a book a decent shot before giving up on it, but I have a hard time with spending time and energy trying to push myself to get into something. There are so many books out there and we all only have but so much free time, so my philosophy is why suffer through it? (Mom- I know you’re shaking your head right now in disagreement…but that’s the beauty of running your own blog- you can say whatever you want) ๐Ÿ™‚

I quit one (this) and struggled to get through 2 others (this and this) just to see how they ended, so it’s been a hot minute since I had something that was worth writing about.

Anyway, I finally have 3 books for you!

Rich People Problems – This is the last in a trilogy of books about several (really) high-society and filthy rich Asian families based mainly out of Singapore. Some of the characters you will love (Nick, Rachel, Astrid, Colin) and some will make you bat-shit crazy. (pretty much everyone else)

The stories take you inside the lives of the elite and uber rich. As in, the richest people in the world. How they live, work, shop, deal with problems, deal with each other, and how they view life in general. You really can’t help but find yourself utterly intrigued by the lifestyle. You follow them as they jet-set all over the world- sometimes visiting their obscenely ostentatious proprieties, or their private hideaways in remote parts of the world, or to VIP-only, top-secret suites, clubs and lounges.

There are several story lines woven throughout each of the books, and by the time you get to this one, you have a good understanding and connection to most of the main characters. Rich People Problems takes place 2 years after China Rich Girlfriend and centers mainly around the matriarch of the Wu family- Su Yi. Her health is declining and everyone is wondering who will inherit Tyersall Park. The family is, not surprisingly, at each other’s throats throughout most of the book. I liked that this book dove into Su Yi’s past more that the previous books had and you got to know more about her life growing up and how she came to be the stoic woman that she is.

While Rich People Problems wasn’t my favorite of the 3 of them, I really enjoyed it. I thought Kevin Kwan did a great job tying up loose ends and ending the story in a satisfying way for readers. Love these frivolous people or hate them, they are every bit as fascinating and entertaining as you could hope for. I read recently that 1) the books are loosely based on the author’s real life and 2) they are making a movie. Yasss!

Note- if you read these, start from the beginning with Crazy Rich Asians, followed by China Rich Girlfriend.

My Husband’s Wife – This story follows 2 women and is told from both of their points of view over the course of almost 2 decades. Lily is a slightly insecure lawyer who is married to struggling artist Ed. Carla is the curious and imaginative little Italian girl next door who they occasionally baby-sit for when Carla’s mom has to “work.” They become entwined in each other’s lives until Carla and her mother abruptly move back to Italy. Lily and Ed move on with their lives, both becoming successful in their own right.

Fast forward 16 years and Carla is back in their lives, all grown up. She has an agenda and sets out to get what she feels she is owed. Although this book is labeled as a thriller, I found it to be more a story of secrets and characters who teeter between good and bad, right and wrong. I thought the beginning of the book was a little too drawn out, but it was entertaining to read overall. (I realize not all books are going to totally blow us away)

The Girl You Lost – Simone’s baby, Helena, was kidnapped 18 years ago. Out of the blue, a woman named Grace shows up claiming to be Helena. Simone is intrigued but understandably hesitant. Before she and her husband can fully process how to handle the situation, Grace finds herself in serious trouble, dragging Simone along for the ride.

This book was extremely suspenseful, full of twists and turns. I really liked it for that reason, but I’ll warn you that it’s dark. The content is extremely disturbing at some points, but if you want a page-turner, this is it.




  1. I like the idea of you sharing the books that you loved but that’s also me selfishly wanting to know what I should read next. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ Miss you

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