Summer Fashion Trends 2.0

Summer always makes me yearn for my adolescence- come June you had 3 glorious months of summer vacation. How I wish that was still the case! Sigh. A girl can dream…

I had so much fun putting together the last summer fashion trends post that I thought I’d do a second version. So here you have it- 3 more of the season’s trends that I am loving.

Again, comfort and versatility are the themes.

jumpsuit #

sheer skirt #kimono #

Rompers/Jumpsuits- love them or hate them, they are back my friends. My husband cannot stand them, but I have to tell you- they really are soooo comfortable. There are long, dressy ones for nights out, and short, tank versions for day time during the hot weather. Forever 21 to Nordstrom’s, you’ll be sure to find a variety of patterns, lengths and styles. I even have a couple of fun, sleeping/pajama versions that I’m wearing like crazy.




Sheer Skirts- I was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how many of these sheer skirts I saw in all of the department stores. They have totally grown on me- you get the look of a mini with the comfort of a maxi- what’s not to love? Dress them up with a wedge, or throw on some sandals for a more casual look.



Kimonos- first Birkenstocks, fringed bags and chambray shirts, now these- you’d think I was obsessed with summer music festival attire, right? Add kimonos to that list!

Perfect for throwing on as a beach/pool cover-up, wearing over a sundress, or paired with shorts and a tank-top, these can be worn pretty much any way you want. You’ll find them everywhere (Target/H&M have some really cute fringed ones) and they come in an endless supply of colors, patterns, and lengths. They are perfect for cold restaurants or breezy nights…


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