Splurge-Worthy- Maison Caulières Perfumed Bath Oil

O.K. It’s no secret that I love my baths.DSC01255

I have since I was a kid. To me, it’s the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Few things make me happier than soaking in a steaming hot bath with bubbles, salts, a glass of wine, and either a good book or my iPad. (I often catch up on shows in the tub)

Soaking is so great for muscles, joints, tension…and it really helps with getting a good nights sleep. To turn an average bath into a zen-like experience, I tend to use bath salts- epsom salts have so many great benefits (read all about them here) But I also enjoy bubbles, bath bombs, and oils. I recently discovered the most amazing product- Maison Caulières perfumed bath oil. This stuff is incredible- it contains dried flower petals that smell like an English rose garden…so indulgent!

It’s not cheap- $55.00 for 100 ml, but you really just need a small amount. A mere capful turns your bath into an indulgent experience and leaves your skin so soft and fragrant.

Grab your trashy magazines, a glass of wine, and sit back and relax…you deserve it.








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