Seasonal Décor- Fall

Fall Decor

We don’t usually start to see the signs of fall until early October. I always remember this because it’s right around my birthday and I honestly get pure joy that first night we’re able to switch off the air conditioning and open the doors and windows.

My husband teases me that I “perk-up” in the fall, which is true- I am an autumnal baby after all. I love the cooler, crisp air and everything it represents- football season, fall produce- apples, squash, pears, plush blankets, comfy clothes, and the knowledge that a slew of fun holidays are right around the corner.

In the spirit of the season and to keep my house feeling fresh and “new to me,” I like decorate with a few things as the seasons change. They usually include swapping out wreaths on the door (have I ever mentioned how I’m in this unofficial competition with my neighbor about porch décor? She wins every time), candles, throw pillows, blankets, and table centerpieces.

I don’t go overboard, just a few key pieces to keep things interesting. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration- last Halloween I had a little too much fun spray-painting mini-pumpkins and gourds gold, brass and silver. It was so easy and affordable. It also worked well with pine cones….

Above is my inspiration for fall this year. What do YOU decorate with for fall? Would love to hear your ideas!

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