Roman Holiday

Heading off for a Roman holiday!

Whoever decided that a 50lb weight limit for a suitcase was reasonable must have been a man. Ladies- am I right? #thestruggleisreal

Weekend in Rome
Thankfully the weather is pretty warm (hot even) in both Rome and Positano, so I was able to pack mainly shorts, dresses, and sandals. The Italians definitely dress up more than us Americanos, so I tried to keep that in mind when picking out my clothes.
I went with a pretty neutral color scheme- lots of white, blush, navy and black so I can swap out accessories and sandals for some color.
On our itinerary:
  • Food tour in Trastevere
  • Sight-seeing bike tour (best way to see a lot of the city)
  • Hosted dinner event  / pool party at a local hotel with a friend who lives here
  • Consuming plenty of gelato and spritz!
 Find what I pack in my carry-on here and my long-flight essentials here.

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