Road Trip to the Florida Keys – Part II

Road Trip to the Florida Keys – Part II.

If you didn’t catch part 1 of our road trip to the Keys, read about it here. After a couple of fun days exploring Islamorada and Marathon and staying at Tranquility Bay Hotel and Resort, we headed on down to our next destination, Key West.

To be perfectly honest, Key West is not my favorite key. (at least not for the kind of vacation we were seeking) While still laid back, there are a ton of tourists and the vibe is totally different than the lazy, slow pace in the upper/middle keys. That being said, Key West is still fun and totally worth going to if you’ve never been. And if you are looking to party, there are few better places to do it than the conch republic…it is a unique town, no question.

The area is rich with history; Harry Truman, Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams were famous residents, it was a major port for smuggling booze during the Prohibition era, the Cuban cigar trade grew thanks to over 100 factories in Key West the late 1800’s, and of course Henry Flagler, who with help of Rockefeller, connected the island chain by over-sea railroad in the early 1900’s.

On our way out of Marathon we stopped at what had become our favorite little Cuban restaurant for café con leche and Cuban sandwiches for the road.

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
I mean, you can’t get this close to Cuba and not have a Cuban sandwich…

DSC05160 (2)

Authentic Cuban sandwiches
Hurricane? What hurricane?

DSC05151 (2)
There is something so peaceful about driving on a highway in the middle of the ocean. Water as far as the eye can see…
DSC05152 (2)
We stopped by Bahia Honda State Park on Bahia Honda key…

DSC05169 (2)
Joaquin was still causing trouble for the water lovers…DSC05170 (2)

Still didn’t bother us…we parked the car and got out to hike up to the old railroad bridge, explore the trails and sun ourselves.

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II

It was GORGEOUS. Maybe the prettiest state park I’ve visited…

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
Look at this view. (not a filter used!!)

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
We walked until we got too hot and needed to cool off…
DSC05184 (2)

Couldn’t you just sit here for hours?
Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
We took a last stroll through the butterfly garden and then decided to get on our way…DSC05195 (2)
Back on the road, music cranked up…next stop, Key West.

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
We stayed at La Concha Hotel and Spa on Duval Street. Fun fact- its believed that Tennessee Williams wrote the final draft of Street Car Named Desire while staying here in 1947.

DSC05208 (2)

We dropped our stuff off and went walking along Duval Street to see the sights. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the many people who biked past us with parrots on their shoulders. And I do mean many

When in Rome…

DSC05203 (2)
After a few hours of walking around and people watching, we slowly made our way back to the hotel to the spa where we had a couple’s massage. The spa is located on the top floor of the hotel and the view is insane.
If only every shower had this view…

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II
We cleaned up and headed back out for dinner. After all the fruity cocktails we’d had, we were really craving a good glass of wine. Luckily we had a wine bar right down the street…

DSC05211 (2)
It was a funky little place and I loved it.

DSC05218 (2)
DSC05234 (2)
Decisions, decisions…
DSC05212 (2)
DSC05230 (2)
What is wine without cheese?
DSC05232 (2)
Back out to find some dinner…
DSC05239 (2)
Oh, to be 21 again…
DSC05241 (2)
Well, not really…
DSC05236 (2)
We opted for more seafood…
DSC05242 (2)
Yummy yummy yummy…wish I could remember where we ate.
DSC05247 (2)

DSC05249 (2)
After breakfast the next morning we hopped back in the car and made our way back to Ft. Lauderdale. It was another beautiful day and the drive was easy.DSC05266 (3) They say that no trip to the Keys is complete without a stop at Alabama Jack’s and I’m inclined to agree…

DSC05280 (2) Nestled in the mangroves in Key Largo, this dive bar is famous for their conch fritters. (delicious)

Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II

Note to self, take pictures of yourself while on vacation so it looks like you were actually there…whoops.

He’s my favorite travel buddy xoxoxo
Road Trip to the Florida Keys - Part II

Obligatory end of vacation cocktail shot. (Goombay smash)
DSC05276 (2)
It was a quick trip, but exactly what we needed…we were relaxed, tan, and ready to head home.


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