Rainy Day Netflix Binge

Rainy Day Netflix Binge.

There’s nothing better than a good Netflix binge day…

Rainy Day Ntflix Binging


With the plethora of shows at your fingertips, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy. In fact, there are even websites dedicated to helping you find something to watch. (seriously)

My favorites include:

Last year I shared 9 TV Shows Worth Watching, and with all of the rain we’ve been having and both of us feeling under the weather, I was inspired to do another one around great shows to binge-watch on Netflix.

Here are 10 shows to get you started:

  1. Gilmore Girls– I know, I’m SO late to this game, but for whatever reason I just never watched the show when it was on. I finally started watching it and it quickly became a favorite. Smart, funny, witty…I adore it. And they’re doing a re-boot later this year! #teamjess
  2. Peaky Blinders– a quick, fast watch as each season (there are only 2 thus far) is only 6 episodes long. Set in 1920’s Birmingham, England, the show is about a family of gangsters. The acting is outstanding and my husband and I were quickly caught-up in the story line. Season 3 should be out later this year.
  3. Sherlock– The BBC’s modern take on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch starts in this series and is top notch. The show won 17 Emmy’s in the 1st 2 seasons, it’s THAT good. Cleverly done, it’s a must watch. There are only 3 seasons available to watch and each is only 3 episodes long (albeit approx. 90 mins an episode)
  4. Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce– Centered around Abby, a likeable best-selling self-help author and how she juggles the break up of her marriage, co-parenting with her soon to be ex-husband, and working. By her side are her (also divorced) friends, all trying to navigate through the dating scene as 40-something year olds. It’s such a well-rounded, unpredictable show; funny, relatable, and often deeply moving.
  5. Frasier– probably my favorite show ever. These are approximately 22 minutes long and my husband and I blast through them after dinner or whenever we want something light and funny to watch. I think it is some of the best, timeless, and wittiest writing in television history.
  6. The Killing– Another show with phenomenal acting…this show about 2 Seattle detectives is dark and compelling. The episodes are so well intertwined that you are on the edge of you seat throughout each episode.
  7. Somm– This documentary follows 4 sommeliers as they to become Master Sommeliers. You cannot imagine how hard this is until you watch it- if you’re at all a wine fan, I highly recommend giving this a chance. I have such a new appreciation for them!
  8. Master of None– I wasn’t really a huge fan of Aziz Ansari before watching this, but his charm and personality won me over quickly in this series. While obviously very funny (he’s a comedian if you don’t know), the show covered some deep topics and his perspective and how he handles them leave you adoring him.
  9. Crossing Lines– This was what I did while sick last week…I tore through 2 seasons of this European crime show about the International Crime Court’s team of detectives. (a Frenchman, an Italian, a German, an Irishman and an American) Together they solve crimes that are committed across borders. My love for this show is partly because I love crime/forensic science stories sand partly because of the filming and storylines set across Europe.
  10. How I Met Your Mother– 1 of my favorite ensemble casts of all time, this show will keep you laughing for hours. I love all of the characters and how their stories play out throughout the seasons. Great, light-hearted comedy that will often have you laughing out loud.

What shows have you guys binge-watched on Netflix recently? I’d love to know.


  1. Hi Jules
    You should talk to your grandma. She is addicted to bin watching netflixs. So much that she is setting the limits for herself. Stay well. Dan

  2. I loved Parenthood, The Honorable Woman, and I am enjoying Madam Secretary right now:) And I also watched Madmen on Netflix though I know I was late to the game on that show!

      1. I looooved it! I was so sad when I got to the end! I loved your Recs! I already added a few I hadn’t heard of to my Netflix list:)

        1. I’m so glad! Let me know your thoughts, would love to hear what you think. As soon as I wrap-up Gilmore Girls (yes, I’m SUPER late to the game) I’m going to start Parenthood.

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