Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby is a psychological thriller by Mary Kubica, author of The Good Girl which was compared to the similar novel, Gone Girl.

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This intriguing new novel however is about a girl found, not a girl gone missing, a theme that seems to have flooded the market recently.
Heidi, a mother/wife professional woman is on her way to work when she sees a homeless young girl with a baby stranded in the rain. Heidi good heartedly offers them refuge in her home bringing turmoil into all their lives. Heidi’s husband and 12 year old daughter are alarmed and upset by the problems this intrusion has caused. The young girl is not forth coming in sharing her story and her story is not a simple one. Who is she?  Where did she come from?  Why is she here?
There are countless unexpected turns and twists in this thriller.The suspense keeps readers turning pages until the end which comes too soon. It is narrated in three alternating voices each holding back enough for the reader to keep us guessing. Some of the underlying themes are charity, how it is given, how it is received. Another theme is the cracks in the surface of seemingly happy, functioning families. Kubica loves to challenge her readers, surprise her readers and most assuredly entertain them. Lucky for us she has a brand new book (Don’t You Cry) due to be released in May. Can’t wait.
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