Portable Pop-Up Sun Shelter

Leave it to Amazon to find me something I didn’t even know I needed and now I don’t know how I lived without it.

As you probably know by now, we live in Florida. And Florida is hot pretty much all the time. As such, we go to the beach in the summer when we cannot stand being indoors any longer. The beach is the only breezy place around and the ocean is cool. (and also full of sharks these days, but that’s another story entirely)

Anyway, we usually take an umbrella with us so that when we’re out there we have some respite from the glaring sun. Umbrellas are great- they pop right into the sand and work nicely, but they’re a little heavy and lugging them from the car down to the beach when you already have your hands full with chairs, towels, bags, and drinks can be frustrating.

So, off to Amazon I went to find some kind of lighter-weight umbrella or tent that may work a little better. I liked the idea of those really tall tents that many people use as they give you more room than the standard beach umbrella, but I didn’t know much about using them or how much they cost. Well, they weren’t cheap. And the set-up seemed to require more than one person, and they weren’t any lighter than our existing umbrella, so that option was out. Then I found this beauty- the “Picnic Time Manta Portable Pop-Up Sun/Wind Shelter.”


It’s an extremely lightweight, foldable, pop-up tent. When I say lightweight, I really mean it- it weights pretty much nothing. (it reminds me of those car sun-visors) You literally flip your wrist to shake it and BOOM, it sets itself up in a nano-second. That’s all you do! (I turned it into the sun here to take a photo- obviously the direction you have it in based on the time of day will determine how much “shade” you get)

It has a “flooring” so you can stay sand-free inside the tent, and it is tall enough that both my husband and I could easily sit up in it and still have plenty of room over our heads. And don’t worry about it getting too stuffy- it has a little mesh window in the back that you can unzip for some cross-ventilation.


The 2 of us were spread out in it and easily had room for another person. I would say 3 adults can comfortably fit in it. (or 2 adults and 2 kids) It also comes with stakes/tie-down cords, but you don’t need that if using in the sand as bags/shoes hold it down easily.


I just love how simple and easy it is to set-up and break-down and it has a carrying strap so you can sling it over your shoulder. It would be great for using anywhere outdoors when you want to be protected from rain, sun, wind, etc. (concerts, watching sports games in a park, etc.)


It’s awesome. Well worth the $55.00 price-tag in my opinion. You can find/buy it here.

*This post is in no way sponsored, I just love the product








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