Plaid- 3 Ways

Plaid- 3 ways


Recently a friend of mine was telling me how she loves that a few of our 90’s high school fashion trends were coming back into style. I looked at her quizzically as this was news to me. Banana clips? Baby-doll tees? “Plaid. Plaid is back.” I laughed, fondly remembering our grungy Pearl Jam days and how we’d go to Goodwill looking for flannel shirts. But, she was right…plaid IS back. As are flare jeans and Dr. Martens by the way 😉  Cotton/flannel plaid shirts are still incredibly versatile and comfortable, and can be worn a variety of ways. Thankfully some of the newer fitted cuts are far more flattering than the second hand versions I was wearing in 1995…


Plaid Scarves

I’m also loving the large, oversized blanket/scarves and have my eye on this one by Asos.


Plaid Dresses and Skirts

I’m starting to see a lot of plaid skirts and shirt dresses too…I prefer the look with tights and boots.

Shop the looks:

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