Pinterest Recipe of the Week- Pumpkin & Chocolate Oat Bars

If you’re new to this series, Pinterest Recipe of the Week is a way to test-drive some of the recipes I pin on Pinterest.

Many of them turn out well and I figured I’d share those that I particularly liked with you all. I’m so thoughtful, right?

With so many fantastic food blogs out there to choose from, there is an endless supply of inspiration.

My latest attempt were these healthy pumpkin chocolate chip oat bars.

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Healthy you say?

They don’t look healthy.

You have heard me say in the past that I am not a baker. And I’m really not. It’s very precise and calculated and that just isn’t my style when in the kitchen.

But every now and again, especially once the weather cools off, I find myself nesting and I get the urge to bake.

I recently had one of those Sundays. It was overcast, windy, and pretty much just dreary. Truth be told, I like days like this. It gives you an excuse to mope around the house watching the Harry Potter marathon that always seems to be on TV this time of year. Baking something just seemed fitting.

Enter Pinterest and their “suggested for you” pins. These oat bars looked scrumptious and luckily, I had all the ingredients on hand. (when does that ever happen?)

They seemed to be the perfect fall treat without the heavy calorie count. (only 128 calories a serving and chock full of oatmeal, pumpkin and coconut oil)

They were easy to make and really, really tasty. Perfectly moist and not at all too sweet…you really could eat these for breakfast.

Side note- I never knew making oat flour was as simple as blending up oatmeal!?! Who knew.

I should point out that they are also gluten-free and vegan.

I cut them into squares and after polishing off 2, wrapped them individually in foil sheets and froze them for future breakfasts or snacks 🙂

Bon appetite!

Click here for recipe.

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