Palm Springs, CA

My husband had never been the desert, so on a recent trip to San Diego I knew we had to make a trip out to Palm Springs so that he could experience it. One of my favorite things about Palm Springs (other than the fact that it’s an easy trip from San Diego- approx 120 miles) is that you can be in the hot, arid desert one minute, and on top of a snowy mountain a few moments later. (courtesy of a tram ride via Mount San Jacinto State Park)

Located in the Coachella Valley desert region, Palm Springs is known for its resorts/spas, shopping, golf, dining and overall tranquility. The streets are named after Hollywood stars as Palm Springs has long been a popular spot for celebrities wanting to escape LA. The vibe is truly laid back and just oozes relaxation. It’s also a great place for photographers- desert landscape, snowy mountain tops, so much beauty all around…

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