October Beauty Picks


October Beauty Picks FINAL

I am a beauty product junkie- I love trying new products and experimenting with new brands/colors. Because of this, I also have an addiction to subscription beauty boxes. (some of my favorites- Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, Allure Sample Society, Boyxcharm) While I have narrowed down my subscriptions to only the ones I really love, I still find myself with quite a few new products to try each month. Here are a few of my favorite items from the October boxes…



1) Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher/Dry Shampoo- ($10) I was excited about trying this as I’d heard great things about it. It’s a dry shampoo/texturizer which is something I use often as they give great volume to my hair (see post here)  Why I like it? It goes on easily- it’s light and doesn’t leave any of the white residue that you often see with dry shampoos. It smelled nice and I liked the amount of texture I got from it…not too stiff. Who sent it? Target Beauty Box (which is $7 and you get 5 different products!)

DSC00807 DSC00808


DSC008062) Cargo Beach Blush in Cable Beach ($30) Some people thought this was a strange thing to receive in a fall box, but I disagree- what better way to extend your summer glow and add a little color to your face now that beach weather is long gone? Blush/Bronzer can always be used! Why I like it? For starters, you get 4 colors- there is something in here for almost everyone. And used together, they create a pretty bronze/peach/coral color. I love Cargo and I love this tin! Who sent it? Blush Mystery Beauty Box


3) Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool ($5) How cool is this? It’s a little scraper that helps you get every little last bit of product from something- perfect for tubes, tubs, and tiny jars.  Why I like it? Now you can get your moneys worth! This is a great product for everyone- such a grea t idea. According to the packaging, you get up to 25% more of your product. I have an eye cream that I will be using this on… Who sent it? Beauty Box 5


4) Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date ($15) This was a full size shampoo from Klorane (I love their dry shampoo) It is made with desert date and is for dry/damaged hair. It’s not often you get a full sized shampoo in these boxes, so that was exciting. Why I like it? It is a very rich shampoo- it’s creamy and smells really good. It’s a strong date scent though, so if you aren’t a fan that may be a problem. It made my hair really soft though, so this was a win for me. Who sent it? Blush Mystery Beauty Box



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