My 8 Favorite Travel Items

My 8 Favorite Travel Items.

Over the years I’ve gotten much better about traveling. Or rather, what to pack/bring when going on a trip.
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I love to read travel magazines/blogs/websites and have tried many “gadgets” that I thought would help me- GPS luggage trackers, packing cubes, funky neck pillows, you name it. But aside from the regular “must haves”- phone, iPad, headphones, snacks- here are the 8 travel items I think are the most useful to me.

Ziploc Bags– from snack size to jumbo versions, these are a travel necessity for a variety of reasons. They stop things from leaking all over everything in your bag, they’re perfect for dirty clothes/shoes or wet bathing suits, and they separate and organize things in your bag- jewelry, snacks, medications, cords/plugs/headphones, the list is endless. I always throw a couple extras in my bag and have reached for them on several occasions.

ziplock bag

Turkish Towels- I love Turkish towels and they are a useful travel accessory. Soft, comfortable, and very lightweight- these things were seemingly made for travel. They will keep you warm on the plane or in restaurants, can be used as wraps or scarfs, and they roll up easily, making them fantastic for pool/beach towels or picnics in the park.

turkish towel

Soft, Roll-Up Hat– this version from the San Diego Hat Company is my personal favorite. It’s a wide-brimmed hat/visor that rolls up easily, weighs next to nothing, and can be tossed in your bag. So much better than risking crushing your hat in your suitcase or having to lug it around with you.

roll up hat

All in one universal travel adapter– on our last trip to Europe we used this and it has become our favorite. You can plug-in multiple devices at one time using the wall adapter and 2 USB ports. There are 3 different types of wall adapter plugs that cover 150 countries. Great gadget.

Travel Adapter

HikPro Ultra Light-Weight Backpack– I use this back-pack whenever we travel and need something hands-free. (i.e. I know we’ll be biking or shopping and won’t want to carry everything around) It’s super light-weight, rolls up into a ball and is water-proof. It’s also surprisingly strong considering how thin it is.

hikepro backpack

Tablet Case with Pockets– Yes, we need to protect our tablets when traveling, but why not do double-duty? Instead of carrying along a separate document holder, try a tablet case with pockets to store flight itineraries, hotel/car reservations, and cords.

tablet carrier


Aloha Good Greens Powder– It can be hard to eat well when traveling. Miss your daily green juice? These little packets of superfoods give you 2 servings of fruits and vegetables. You just mix them into any drink and stir. They are all natural, soy/gluten free and full of organically grown whole foods like spirulina, blueberries, spinach, etc. I usually buy the multi-pack which has regular greens, berry, and chocolate. (P.S. the chocolate one is so good when blended with powdered peanut butter and banana) YUM. Throw a couple in your carry-on bag and you can have a healthy dose of nutrients when you’re on the go.

aloha green juice samples

Water Bottle with Pill Organizer– Never forget to take your vitamins! If you’re like me, you take a water bottle with you everywhere. This one is that much better thanks to the inclusion of a pill organizer. Just store your daily meds/vitamins and there is no need to lug around pill bottles.

water bottle pill organizer


  1. Do the green packets taste good? I always bring an easy change of clothes in my carry-on bag. And a pair of socks so my feet don’t freeze!

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