Must Read- Descent

descentEvery now and again you find a really great book- one that keeps you up at night because you want to read just one more chapter…Descent, by Tim Johnston is just that.
 A “girl gone missing” seems to be the most popular theme in current literature. Johnston treats this premise with remarkable skill. First and foremost Descent is a thriller, falling into that “I couldn’t put it down” category.
A family of four travel to the rocky Mountains for a vacation. The oldest child, Caitlin is a championship runner who is soon to set off for college. On the first morning of their trip she wakes early to go for a long training run with younger brother Sean accompanying her on his mountain bike. Police notify the parents that Sean is severely  injured. There is no trace of Caitlin.
In the details of this unfolding story, Johnston blends tension and suspense with well crafted writing. Let’s hope this talented author will give us another book soon.
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