Morning Routines

Morning Routines

This may sound very odd, but I have discovered a website dedicated to something very mundane that I find absolutely fascinating.

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Is it a site about worldly events and current affairs? No. Celebrity gossip? Nope. Fashion, beauty, food? Still no. It’s a site about…wait for it…other people’s morning routine.

Say what? houses details around the morning routines of all different types of people from all over the world. Entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, artists, writers, frequent travelers, early-risers, late-risers, you name it.

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It’s like getting a little glimpse into how other people live, how they function, how they prioritize. I can’t figure out what it is exactly that is so interesting to me, but I think it’s really entertaining- sometimes even enlightening. (like- I cannot get over how many people meditate every day…am I the only one not doing that?)

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I have found that I love reading about how other people start their day…what’s important for them to accomplish, what steps do they skip, when do they start to pick-up their phones and go through their e-mails…what do they eat, what suggestions and tips do they have to get themselves going and set-up for success. Fascinating stuff I tell you!

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Every Wednesday they feature a new person and the archives are available to browse through. A couple of my favorites? Ivanka Trump and Sara Rosso.


Tell me…what’s your morning routine like?

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