Monthly Round Up

Monthly Round Up.

I know I said this earlier, but I still can’t believe it is already July…yikes! 

My Monthly Round Up. Savoring Saturdays

I thought I would start to pull together a monthly round-up of all the things that piqued my interest- beauty products, fashion, articles, recipes, TV shows, etc. So here we go, starting with June…

Newest Obsession:

NEST Candle- Grapefruit – Best scent ever. Subtle, clean, refreshing- the grapefruit / citrus scent is so incredibly appealing. I have always loved NEST products, but this one takes the cake. I even ended up buying the hand soap for our powder room because I was so obsessed with it. This would be a great scent year round.


New Favorite Beauty Products:

Tiramisu for Two – This nail polish is not too pink and not too beige, just the perfect creamy nude. Classic choice.

LORAC Eye Shadow Pro Palette 3 – A perfect collection of nudes in both matte and shimmer shades. (8 of each) They go on so smoothly and have great pigmentation.


Best Book I Read:

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan – LOVED this book. I will get into detail about it in my next book review, but this was the 3rd in the series and so decadently entertaining. If you’ve never read them, start with the 1st one- Crazy Rich Asians.


Least Favorite Book I Read:

Ugh guys, I hate to say it, but Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. I know I had high hopes after The Girl on the Train but I just couldn’t get into this one. There were so. many. characters. I think if I hadn’t been listening to the audio book and was instead reading an actual book it would have been easier to go back and reference things, but this was just too difficult. I will point out that I have heard that it is worth sticking out until the end when it all comes together, but I just couldn’t do it. I read about 65% and gave up. There are just too many other books on my list to get through- why waste time trying to push yourself through something that you’re not enjoying?

What I Watched:

House of Cards – Season 5. Eh. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t worth watching, but I just didn’t love this season like I did the last couple. Maybe I just need a break from all of the political hysteria…

Bloodline – Season 3. I loved it! It’s dark, twisted and I loved the ending. (I know that’s up for debate) This was the series finale and I thought they did a good job with it.


Best Recipe I Made:

Chilled Spinach Soup – I know, it probably sounds a little weird, but man it was goood! I’m a big fan of gazpacho, so when I saw this on Hitha’s website I figured I’d give it a go. I too had a big bag of spinach in the fridge that was nearing it’s end date, so the timing was right. This is a healthy lunch that lasts several days, so I’ll definitely be incorporating it into my weekly rotation.


Best Tip I’ve Received:

Thank you Megan for this post on how to keep fresh cut hydrangeas looking good for weeks. Yes, you read that correctly, weeks. I love hydrangeas but can never seem to keep them more than 5-7 days before they are a wilted mess. I have tried so many different tips and tricks with no luck, so I was tickled when I came across this. Virtual high-five girlfriend.


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Anything on your radar recently? I would love to hear about it!


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