Monday Morning Madness

Well, my normal chores got put to the side this past weekend thanks to this blog, leaving me in a mild frenzy this morning while trying to get ready and out the door. I’m usually very organized and prepared on Sunday nights so that Mondays aren’t “mad” at all. BUT, I have spent more hours than I care to admit working on making Savoring Saturdays as absolutely fabulous as it can possibly be, as I’m sure anyone who has ever done this can attest to. So instead of sleeping in, doing laundry and heading to the beach, I spent way too much time building my site, crashing it, re-building it, deciding to transfer hosts and then almost re-crash it, and ultimately just feeling sorry for myself.
My sweet (and incredibly patient) husband got to witness an epic temper tantrum that he probably didn’t think a 35 year old women was capable of. Luckily, I like version #2 of Savoring Saturdays far better than the original, so it was all worth it in the end. I think there is a life lesson somewhere in there..? I have promised myself that I will limit my madness and spend next weekend with him.

FYI- apparently husbands are more than capable of feeding themselves and doing their own laundry though- who would have thought? 😉

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