Book Review – Lost Canyon

Book Review – Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon, a novel by Nina Revoyr, starts off in urban LA but quickly moves to the Sierra Nevada mountains nearby, where a 4 day hiking/backpacking trip is planned by Tracy, a personal trainer who sets high standards for her three clients each wanting to escape from various issues.Book Review - Lost Canyon

Gwen, a youth counselor who strives tirelessly and thanklessly to help teens, Oscar, a realtor who has experienced both blue and white sides of the collar in his professional life and Todd, a dissatisfied white lawyer who feels trapped in the life style in which he so comfortably lives. So there we have the typical LA microcosm going off on a “find yourself, let nature reign trip.”

It doesn’t take long for things to go wrong. Seriously wrong. Upon arrival at the ranger station, the group is informed that the original hike which they had planned is impossible because of a fire in the area. A cloudy decision is made about going ahead with the planned weekend and altering their trail to one that is sketchy at best. The group staggers on, getting into the groove experiencing the sorts of beautiful scenes and feelings they had each hoped for. But things don’t stay on course and things don’t stay so pretty. Unfortunately this trail is maybe too much off the beaten track for safety sake. They stumble upon some folks who don’t have nature, beauty or anything good in mind.

This book is about how they handle all that falls upon them in the wilderness just outside comfortable LA.


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