Little Lace Box Subscription Box Review- April 2015

Once again, the sisters over at Little Lace Box have put together a well curated box. Love this month’s selection…

  • Little Lace Box
  • $59.99 for a box, ships every other month (this is new- it used to be monthly for $39.99) You can get an annual subscription for only $44.99 per month.
  • So what is it? Here is info from their website:

Little Lace Box™. It’s your secret source for some of the hottest, newest, and most coveted designer items on the market that you won’t find on the shelves in your favorite trendy store. That’s because we’re dedicated to seeking out only the most talented and creative up-and-coming designers, whose products might not have even hit the market yet. Do you know what that means? That means you’ll be the very first to sample something amazing, something luxurious, and something all your friends will crave… of course, its up to you if you reveal your source. And hand-curated, direct-to-door designer products you can’t get anywhere else is the perfect cure to chase away those weekday blues and just what you needed to spice up the weekend. And all for less than the price of a few cocktails on a slow Friday night.

I like them because they often send things from Etsy artisans and I think that is so great…always such a well curated box. The theme this month was “Nonna’s Kitchen” and was inspired by food and things for your kitchen. The total value was over $100! (FYI- next month’s theme is “Classy and Fabulous” (Coco Chanel) and will focus on fashion/accessories to “help you make the transition to summer and maximize your wardrobe for both day and night.”)

Now, on to the goodies…

  • Ancient Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar- ($14) This has to be redeemed online due to a shortage of product- a code was given for subscribers to go online and order at the end of April
  • Filotea Pennette della Domenica Pasta ($8) Who doesn’t love pasta? 🙂
  • Red Pesto Sauce with Truffles ($8) Yum, yum…haven’t tried it, but will this week!
  • Cucina Dish Soap in Lime Zest and Cypress ($9) I love cute packaging and this bottle fits the bill. It has a nice citrus scent which I love- especially in the kitchen.
  • Le Cadeaux Olive Oil Dipping Bowls ($16) These are 4 little cute melamine dinnerware bowls that are perfect for dipping or using for sauces. They were even featured in Good Housekeeping!
  • Market List Notepad ($5) Nothing overly exciting, but will obviously get used in my house as I’m an avid list maker 🙂
  • Janelle Beaulieu Porcelain Jewelry Dish ($15) Again, cute packaging and would make a nice gift. It’s a porcelain jewelry dish with lacey design on it.
  • Belle & Union Co. Tea Towel ($15) Cute little tea towel, will go in my kitchen perfectly
  • The Ancient Olive Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar ($14) This is a small size Sicilian lemon balsamic vinegar and Milanese Gremolata olive oil. I love to cook and have a fondness for Italian food after living in Italy when I was in high school. These will most definitely get used up.

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