Life Advice For 2015 — From 16 Bona Fide Superwomen

life advice superwomenHappy New Year everyone!

It’s always a little sad for me when taking down the Christmas tree and all the decorations- the house always looks so BLAH afterwards. The parties and presents and holiday festivities are winding down and it’s back to work we go. (double BLAH)

Alas, a new year means a fresh new start, right? Maybe you want to lose some weight this year, save more money, go on a great vacation, or maybe even look for a new job. My friend Tommie is great at setting (and accomplishing) goals for herself each year- she simply writes them down and then just sticks to them throughout the year- I’ve always admired that about her. Easier said than done for some of us…

Need some inspiration and motivation? This article from Refinery29 has life advice for 2015 from 16 bona fide superwomen. It’s a GREAT article, full of tips from powerhouse women, and a couple of them may surprise you.

Best of luck to each of you this year- make it your best year yet!

Jules xo

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