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In an (ongoing) effort to get fit and increase our steps to 10,000 each day, my hubby and I decided to get the Jawbone UP24 wristbands. There are several different brands of these bands on the market, and they do different types of things, so it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best fit for you. I figured I’d do a post about it since reading other people’s posts were so helpful to me when I was researching which one to buy. We we were drawn to the UP24 due to the comments we heard about accuracy of steps (not 100% accurate, but close) and it’s ability to track sleep patterns (heavy sleep vs. light sleep).

Here are my thoughts thus far:
Sleep tracking: I actually think this is my favorite part- it tells you when you fell asleep, how long your sleep cycles are, how many times you woke up, etc. You can also set an alarm that wakes you during the optimal time of your sleep cycle by gently buzzing your wrist. *Important to note that this data is obviously not going to be completely accurate as it’s from a wristband and not an EEG, but it provides a general idea and I find that neat nevertheless. If you have problems going to bed on time, you can even set it to buzz you when it’s time to start “preparing” for bed.
Idle Time: it buzzes me when I’ve been idle for too long. (i.e. sitting at my desk at work) It reminds me to walk around my office a bit when on conference calls and go to the water fountain at the end of the hall.
Tips: it gives me fun tips through the day on all things exercise/weight loss/sleep pattern.
Challenges: they’ve done a good job of providing a “gaming” aspect by challenging you to walk farther, go to bed earlier, or beat your teammates. (anyone you link up with and can tracks stats on) As dumb as it sounds, I find myself purposely trying to “win” my challenges to walk an extra 1,000 steps when I see that I’m only at 85% of my goal. (Jawbone clearly knows what they’re doing)
Overall awareness: In general, its a constant reminder that you’re wearing it for a reason. Park farther away, take the stairs, print to a printer that’s not near you, or take the dog for an extra short walk after dinner. There are tons of other features, you can check out their website here for more info.

Case in point- I just asked my husband to bring me my iPhone charger from upstairs and he (kindly) replied with, “no babe- I just saw your stats- you need the steps.”

Touché darling, touché…

Jules xo

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