How To Make Tall Boots Stand Up Straight

How to make tall boots stand up straight. 

This view right here folks… how to make tall boots stand up straight
It was making me craaaaazy. Not only is this not aesthetically pleasing, but its really not good for the boots. It causes them to crease and dent and when you spend good money on nice boots, you want to preserve the shape and integrity of them.

I have been trying to solve the problem of tall(er) boots falling over and slouching onto themselves for YEARS. I have tried a variety of methods; stuffing them with rolled up magazines (too heavy since I like to keep up on a shelf), empty wine bottles (also too heavy), laying them horizontally on narrow shelves (takes up way too much room)…I even bought a few pairs of boot hangers / clips but they take up valuable real estate hanging on a rod and they were pricy. Not ideal if you have several pairs of boots that need them. After much frustration, off I went deep into the internet in search of a solution on how to make tall boots stand up straight. And as luck would have it, I discovered these!

how to make tall boots stand up straight

These ridiculously simple – yet effective – boot shapers looked so promising! The reviews were really good and they work with boots of all shapes and sizes. The best part? A pack has inserts for 2 pairs and they are less than $12! Naturally, I bought them.

They are essentially just thin (but sturdy) pieces of plastic that you fold into a “U” shape and slip right into the boots.

Voila! Your boots stand up straight and pretty. 🙂

It took me all of 5 minutes to pop them into each boot. How much better is this??

how to make tall boots stand up straight

I’m thrilled with them! They work well, they were inexpensive, and I no longer cringe when I walk into my closet and glance upwards. You can buy them here- CedarFresh Boot Shaper Inserts





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