Holiday Gift Guide – For the Guys in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide – For the Guys in Your Life

You guys, I had more fun building this guide than any of the others thanks to the peanut gallery I enlisted.

Gift Guide for Him


Since I ALWAYS struggle with what to get for the men in my life (husband, father, brother, in-laws), I decided to go about this one a little differently. I picked up my phone and began to text 25+ men, of varying ages and social scenes, to see if they’d be willing to help me with my research.

I was worried they a) wouldn’t care enough to bother to participate or b) give me an “idk, whatever works” kind of answer, but I was pleasantly surprised! For the next week, their responses rolled in and I realized they had plenty to say on the subject. (some of which did not make it into the post, lol)

If you are still needing to do some last minute shopping, here is what they had to say:

Hope this was helpful- if you have any other suggestions, sound off in the comments.

Happy shopping!

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