Oversleep This Weekend

imageTGIF folks. Here’s to a weekend of sleeping in 😉  (or at least attempting it, I’ve somehow lost that talent that I’d perfected in my 20’s)

Is anyone else following this “Baby Foot” madness?? I know, I know, my second weird trend in 2 days, but I’m completely and utterly fascinated by it. It’s a Japanese deep exfoliating gel you soak your feet in for an hour, and within 3-7 days, all of the old, dry skin peels off your feel to reveal super soft, baby smooth skin. GROSS. Yet amazing?

Oh, and when I say peel- I mean like, ALL of the old skin from your entire foot, in sheets. Ugh. But, apparently there is zero pain, just lots of eewy yucky skin peeling off your feet. Every review I’ve come across said it’s totally worth the few days of ickiness as it’s better than any pedicure. I, of course, caved and ordered it today on Amazon, but it seems like something that should have been done in the winter when I wasn’t wearing sandals/open toed shoes.

I will NOT be posting any pictures, fear not, but I suppose I’ll do a report back on the results. Google it or pull up some You Tube videos- they are truly intriguing…

Have a lovely weekend xo

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