Desk Décor

I spend quite a bit of time at work, and since I don’t work from home, my office often feels like a second home.

Pretty-Up your desk


While I have a window and a nice view, like many standard corporate offices, the rest is a little sterile and uninspiring. I’ve found that incorporating some personal touches and simple pieces of décor into my work space has made spending time there that much easier. Because when you love the desk you have, being stuck behind it all day isn’t such a bad thing.

Since swapping out furniture, changing the carpets and painting the walls is probably not an option, here are a few easy suggestions;

  • Bring the outdoors in. While I would love to have fresh flowers on my desk each week, simple house plants are far more cost-effective. Find some that require little maintenance, and you’ll have something nice to look at that also helps to clean the air you breathe
  • Keep loved ones close. Keep a couple of photos close by in a pretty frame. Spouses, children, family, friends- whatever floats your boat; they may help remind you why it is you’re working so hard to begin with 🙂
  • Inspiration. I used to have a co-worker who kept a favorite quote/saying framed in a picture frame on her desk. She would switch it out from time to time and it was always a conversation piece in her office. She said she’d get a glimpse of it during stressful times throughout the day and it would help her focus.
  • Coasters. Protect your desk from rings by keeping a decorative coaster close by. There are so many beautiful coasters at places like Anthropologie, World Market, Target, etc.
  • Fun accessories. I’m looking at you gold and Lucite stapler! Mugs, paper-clips, file folders, notebooks. You may as well make the everyday items just a tad nicer to look at each day.
  • Sounds. Many people keep wireless speakers or radios on their desks- this can provide some nice background noise when you’re working on something particularly mundane. Having worked in a call center for several years, I know how soothing it can be to have something drown out that constant buzz that can be distracting. Just remember to respect those around you- keep it to a minimum or bring in ear buds.
  • Scents. Reed/oil diffusers are also nice and I often have one in my office to mask the smell of everyone’s lunch in our office. Note of caution, find one that isn’t overly strong- especially if your office is small. There is nothing wrong with a little fragrance, but you don’t want to irritate any neighboring co-workers who may not appreciate it.

How do you brighten up your work space?

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