Decisions, decisions…


touchup_brighteyes_82e0043c37dcWe’ve been doing a good bit of work on our house recently; renovating the master bathroom, replacing carpet, and painting all of the walls. It’s coming together nicely and I absolutely love the “face lift” that its giving our place, but sheesh- I’m tapped out on making choices. I’ve spent far too many hours online and in home improvement stores studying tile, grout, stains, brushes, paint samples, carpet colors….UGH.

We did our bathroom first, so I put the most effort into those choices as I was still feeling inspired and creative. By the time the carpet rolled around, I looked at the 12 options in front of me and (more or less) just randomly selected one. I couldn’t handle one more minute stressing about the right shade of griege.

So, what does our decision-making say about us? Apparently quite a bit, at least regarding our happiness. According to Dr. Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, we are either maximizers or satisficers. Interesting article by Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein can be found here. So which are you?


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  1. Don’t I know it! I think there is something to say for making some quick decisions. After having to make A LOT of decisions on materials, colors and furniture styles I think some require more thought than others. Sometimes you have to just go with your initial guy reaction!

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