Cucumber Basil Gin & Tonics

cucmber basilThis twist on the classic cocktail is refreshing, light and so delicious. I have hearty basil plants growing on my patio, along with a little Persian lime tree- this drink is the perfect way to put them to use!

*Note the this is just as good with vodka and/or club soda.



Recipe courtesy of Simply Real Health

Cucumber-Basil Gin & Tonics:

1 part good quality gin (I used Tanqueray)

2 parts club soda

1 splash tonic water (ideally, a natural brand minus high fructose syrup and preservatives)

1 lime wedge

2-3 sliced cucumbers + 3-4 small basil leaves per drink

What To Do:

In a large pitcher (if you’re making more than one. Which, I hope you are), add good quality gin (using a shot glass or counting “1,2″ per person if you’re eyeballing it). Add all the basil leaves and muddle with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. No need to crush them hard, just stir and push the basil around a bit until you can easily smell the basil-y wonderfulness hitting your nose.

Pour gin + basil into serving glasses. Pour twice the amount of club soda to your gin in each glass. Top with a splash of tonic and 1 lime wedge per drink (squeeze it in). Stir each drink to mix well, add lots of ice, cucumber and an extra lime to serve.

Other great G+T combinations: muddle black or blueberries, fresh peaches, fresh mint, fresh thyme, fresh ginger, or fresh orange, lemon or grapefruit juices + peels.

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