Cherry Lime Ice Pops

Cherry Lime Ice Pops.

Inspired by all of the fresh cherries in the grocery store and the hot temperatures outdoors, I was bound and determined to make something frozen and tasty.

cherry lime ice pops
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A Google search offered up several delicious options. Granita? Sorbet? Popsicles? I found a recipe here from SkinnyTaste  which is one of my favorite sites (check it out!) so I knew they’d be great. Not only were these bad boys delicious, but they were also only 122 calories each! Score.

You’ll need molds, which you can find on Amazon for around $10.00.

Bon appetite!


  1. I wonder if this would work with strawberries or blueberries. I love the idea of including fresh herbs and having something that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it.

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