‘Bye ‘Bye Under Eye – Getting Rid of Dark Circles

Bye ‘bye under eye – getting rid of dark circles.

I feel like I have found liquid gold…

'bye 'bye under eye - getting rid of dark circles



 O.K. maybe not gold, but liquid under-eye concealer that is worth its weight in gold. I received a sample of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in my Ipsy box last month and it immediately became my go-to concealer. This stuff is, hands down, the best I’ve ever used.
It’s very highly pigmented and provides excellent coverage from dark circles, redness, age spots, etc. It also somehow diffuses the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s pretty thick in texture- so much so, that when I first squeezed it onto my fingers I was concerned that I was putting on stage make-up. But then I was instantly amazed at how well it glided on and covered the dreaded dark circles that I have been plagued with since I was a kid.  It lasts all day and doesn’t crease, another benefit.
*Tip- because it is so thick, a little bit goes a long way. (the tube will last ages) You really only need a couple of dots of it to get great coverage. Rub your fingers together to let it warm up before applying.


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