Burke Décor Home Box Review- June 2015

What: Burke Décor Home Box

Cost: $55 (1-time or monthly)

Burke Decor has a “home” box and a “spa” box. As an avid home decor fan, I tried out the “home” box. I’m not sure why, but there really aren’t many home décor subscription boxes out there, so I was really excited to see that Burke Décor was launching one. The box contains 3-4 of Burke Decor’s editor’s favorite products. Obviously, décor is very taste specific, so I was also a little nervous to see what I’d get. I signed-up for a 1-time box to get a feel for what it would contain before signing-up for a subscription.

I was very pleasantly surprised…




Nest Fragrance Natural Hand Soap $22- Right away I was thrilled- I LOVE Nest products and always stop by the tables at Nordstrom to smell their candles and soaps when I see them. They always smell amazing and I love the labels. The first item in the box was this hand soap in Japanese Black Current. It’s a really rich, exotic fragrance and I adore it. I always keep “fancy” soap in our downstairs powder room. It’s the one place I allow myself to splurge on expensive soap. Guests use that bathroom and I just think it’s a nice touch. (I’m all for the cheap-o stuff in my other bathrooms!)

Nest Fragrance Soy Candle $38- another Nest product! This natural, soy candle is scented in cedar leaf and lavender and burns for 60 hours. It’s very earthy, outdoorsy and I love it. It’s more of a fall/winter candle in my opinion, so I put it away for a few months. (I’m really weird about matching my candle fragrances to the seasons- when you live somewhere with no real seasons you have to improvise) 😉

burke decor 1

Porcelain Snack Bowl by Torre & Tagus $22- another item I really like. It’s a medium bowl and is perfect for food and/or corralling jewelry or trinkets. (cute patterned bowls are always great catch-all’s) This bowl is attractive and matches our living room colors, and I’ve already used it for a couple get togethers we’ve hosted with friends this past week. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.

blue bowl

Beach Candy Turkish Towel & Blanket $45- I love Turkish towels- they are really lightweight and dry quickly and work well as towels, beach blankets, travel blankets, etc. I love that they are so easy to roll-up and throw in a bag. I am going to take this one to work to use over my shoulders as my office is freezing. 🙁 It’s 100% cotton and also looks cute worn as a scarf. I love the bright yellow colors of it.

turkish blanket 2

Overall, this box knocked it out of the park for me! I loved every single item and will use it all. It felt so luxurious and fun and totally my taste. (that certainly may not be the case for everyone, I realize that) The items were valued at $127 which is awesome since I only paid $55. I will definitely purchase this box again!

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