Bulu Box Weight Loss Subscription Review- June 2015

What: Bulu Box Weight Loss

Bulu Box is a monthly fitness subscription box that has two options; 1) Weight Loss & 2) Original- original contains mainly fitness/healthy eating products & supplements. I subscribed to the weight loss box, which essentially contains the same type of things. I haven’t done a review of this box in a long time, so figured I’d post one in case you’re interested.

Cost: Normally $10/per month, but they were running a special when I signed up for 1/2 off of any annual subscription. So, I’m paying only $4.58 per month. From what I’ve read, they do promo’s often.

Here is what was in the June box…


  • UrgentRx Upset Stomach ($1.33) It’s funny this came in this box- I could have used it a couple of days ago at work when I was digging through my purse/desk looking for something similar. (TMI?) This will be used at some point I’m sure. Would be great to pack in a travel bag too.
  • BodyLogix Whey Protein Dark Chocolate ($2.11) I get a lot of protein type of shakes in Bulu boxes, and I always add them to my smoothie pile. This one was pretty good actually- no gross after taste like you sometimes get and it has 24g of protein and is low calorie. Will I buy more? No, but it tasted good.
  • Rescue Pastilles Cranberry Flavor ($7.50) Bulu always seems to think I’m stressed 😉 These are fruit pastilles to help with stress/anxiety and are made with natural flower extracts. They taste decent but I can’t say I really felt more relaxed? I need to try more of them…they are sitting on my work desk and will be eaten.
  • Movit Energy Gummies Berry Flavor ($1.33) Now this was my favorite item in the box. They are gummies that give you energy and help combat fatigue. (they contain guarana) They tasted good and are low calorie. Many times these energy gummies have a gross aftertaste, but these didn’t bother me. I’m all for low calorie “candy” that gives you energy! Bring it on.
  • Arthur Andrew Aminolase TPA ($1) These help improve digestion of protein and help you recover faster after work-outs. Eh. Can you really tell if something works by trying 2 tablets?

Overall Opinion: the total value of this box was about $14. I would say that I end up using/liking about 50% of the stuff I get from Bulu Box. It’s a great way to get introduced to products without having to buy the full size. I pay so little for this box that I’m not overly concerned if I don’t like everything in it. I should note that at least every other month I get a full-size version of something that is worth far more than what I paid for it.

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