Summer Days & Boho Chic

Do summer camps for adults exist?

Boho Vibes

I have a few friends with kids who are going to really cool summer camps and I have to admit- I’m sort of envious…

Think about it- wouldn’t camp at this age be fun? Pottery, painting, swimming at the lake, campfires…how did I never go to summer camp mom??

While casually mentioning this to a teacher friend of mine and half way through the conversation I realized that this was falling on deaf ears as she too had a “summer camp” of her own. (I picture her sleeping in, going to the beach, binge-watching Gilmore Girls…)  She would argue that is not at all true, but I’m still skeptical 😉

I’ve also been really drawn to anything boho- casual, comfy, feminine, it all reminds me of a grown-up summer camp style. I saw this watermelon t-shirt on Etsy and the look of the worn in vintage cotton just reminded me of my youth and the long, lazy days of summer when it was perfectly acceptable to wear t-shirts and jeans shorts every day.


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