Birthday Week Celebration


This year’s birthday was more special than normal as my mom was in town visiting. Her birthday is only three days before mine, and I have two good friends whose birthdays fall right in between. So, we did what any normal people would do and celebrated for a week straight 🙂

It was glorious- taking a few days off of work and spending time with friends and family was exactly what we all needed. We enjoyed good conversation over dinners, drank lots (LOTS) of bubbly, had a ladies lunch on the beach, enjoyed a wild night out with the girls, and topped it off with a spa day on what was (hands down) the most beautiful day I can remember. (perfect- 75 degrees and zero humidity. As Floridians, we dream about these conditions)

Few things bring me as much joy as being surrounded by and celebrating with the people I love the most- this is truly what life is all about. Yes, we may be another year older, but as my mom always says- it’s so much better than the alternative.


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